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Welcome to the Resource Center. Visit this area to find out what is new in taxes or gain insight in financial management.Topics will be continually added to this area based upon your needs. If there is a topic you would like to see added, please send an email by clicking below. Your feedback is important.


Where's my refund?

Check the status of your Federal refund at direction at the Internal Revenue Service website.

Virginia Department of Taxation

     Check the status of your Virgini

Maryland Department of Taxation

 In this website you can download forms, check your refund and much more a refund.

U.S. Treasury Service

One of the most frequently visited sites in America. The Internal Revenue Service has more than you would ever want to know regarding taxes.

PWC Real Estate Assessment

You can find out how much the county assess your home.

Tax Topics

Key Federal filing dates for Individuals are listed here.
How long should you keep tax records? If your attic is getting filled up with old records, perhaps this will help.

Client Advisor

Smart Finance

Have you noticed that most major banks are announcing record profits? What can you do to become a smart bank shopper? Here are some tips.


Get the advantage on taxes this season!

Rental Property
An Informative discussion and helpful income and expense organizer for taxpayers with rental properties.

Self Employment
A helpful discussion of the tax treatments, traps and allowable deductions for self-employed.

Home Office
Provides rules for taking and calculating deductions for business use of home.

Clergy and Non-profits
Helps clergy and those employed in non-profits to understand their specific imcome and expense treatments.

Health Care Professionals
Covers the tax and deduction opportunities for taxpayers employed in health care.

Addresses the special expense deductions allowed to educators.

Wealth Builders

How you can determine your net worth and build for your future.

Individual Retirement Accounts
Discusses the types of IRA's, limits, options, withdrawals rules and alternatives.

Household Budgeting
A valuable worksheet to show you your fixed and variable monthly expenses and how to budget for savings. Perfect basics for all taxpayers.

Your Net Worth
A straight-forward worksheet to help calculate your net worth.

Smart Banking
Packed with ideas on ways you can save money with banking products.

Tax Planning
Actionable tax planning/cutting tips for every taxpayer.

Financing College
Helps you understand the costs of a college education and the resources that are available to help you.